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APS Carts High Resolution Scanning

These were designed to go into cheap Point and Shoot cameras and no high quality APS camera was ever made.

Most cameras supported three modes, these were:

C = CLASSIC (3:2 ratio, 4 x 6" print)
H = HDTV (16:9 ration, 4 x 7" print)
P = PANORAMIC (3:1 Ration, 10x12" print)

All these different modes were cropped from the same H image, we scan the full sized H image and reset all the images to the whole frame.

What this means is that if you have taken an image in PANORAMIC mode, you will get the whole image back and often this will include a lot more detail, you can then easily crop your images back to how you want them in any imaging editing software.

Due to our unique workflow with APS carts we offer the highest resolution and largest size possible with APS frames.

APS Carts are priced the same no matter how many frames there are on the film, we do offer discounts for 20 carts and over.

Please note that APS cartridges were designed to be unwound only a few times and are prone to the mechanism breaking which can mean some carts will not go through automatically, we may then have to take the film out of the cartridge to scan the film separately. The film is always put back into the original cartridge and then taped back up.

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