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Drum Scanning

Drum Scanning is the Creme de le Creme of scanning, you will not get a better scan than a drum scan!

This is a scan for those that want the very best scan. We use an ICG Drum Scanner with 9 Apertures with the smallest going down to 3 micron to deliver incredibly sharp scans.

Please note we use KAMI 2000 Drum Mounting Oil to fluid mount our scans

Prices below are guidelines we usually scan to deliver either 250meg files or 500meg files, being in the print industry we believe you will rarely require any larger files, but if you do we can scan up to 2gb+ images if required.

Take a look in our samples gallery to see the kind of images we scan on a day to day basis.

We have a minimum charge of £30 on all our professional services.

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Drum Scan 250mb File


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Drum Scan 500mb File


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