All About Karmaan Scanning

Hi, my names Matt Kaye and I run Karmaan. Primarily a Graphic Design Company that also offer bespoke scanning services to industry and consumers.

Karmaan Scanning is the Scanning Side of Karmaan.

We offer a friendly personal service with no misleading high tech and pixel talk, we know what customers want back fron their scans and every original is scanned by Matt for your peace of mind.

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Industry Trained

Way back in 1990, after having spent 5 years at Art College, OND, HND and MA qualified in Graphic Design and illustration I then moved into the world of print and pre-press.

It was back in the early 90s where I learnt all about colour management, plate making, film scanning, imagesetters and drum scanning and was trained by Fuji, Heidelberg, ICG on High End Drum Scanners and maintenance.

As the Pre-Press Industry died with the onset on Mac Computers, Computer to Plate Technology and Digital Cameras the print companies stopped using Scanning equipment and all repro companies went bust. I began to save these large industrial scanners from which I had been using for all these years from an early grave and started to put them to use for my own work.

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Industrial Scanning

We own the largest collection of Professional Fuji Scanners still in use today in the UK. With a combined DPI of over 35,000.

We have been involved in the professional Design, Reprographics and Print Industry for over 25 years and still heavily involved with print companies today offering specialist services.

We are not one these companies that have bought a scanner to scan our families slides and then decided to offer a scanning service to supplement the pension.

We have been using High End Professional Scanners on an everyday basis costing £160,000+ since the early 90s so we have acquired an exceptional knowledge of what good scans look like. We haven't just bought a Nikon Consumer Coolscan and started a scanning business, or offer a film Developing service and Image to disk at the same time, these are low quality services that we know you will not want.

We are not self taught but trained by Fuji, ICG, Heidelberg, Highwater, Kodak and Screen.

All the scanners are maintained by Matt, who has extensive knowledge on all his machines.

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We can scan anything format at top resolution

Only at Karmaan Scanning will you find High Resolution Samples for all formats of scanning offered.

We offer a free trial and test of any originals you may have to make sure your happy with your scans.

We look forward to archiving and preserving your collection.

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