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We have many clients and customers that return time and time again. Here are a few testimonials from customers we have scanned for.

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Steven Maciver - Fine Art on Wood Scanning

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“Karmaan provided high resolution large format scanning for fine art prints. The scans were excellent quality, and Matt was extremely helpful throughout the process, keeping me informed of progress throughout the process. The work was produced very quickly and efficiently, capturing a high level of detail. The clients are delighted with the results.” -
Steven McIver

Aaron Dickson

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“Matt was extremely helpful, providing test scans and advice on the best way to scan my transparencies for the results that I needed. Colour rendition is extremely important to me and the scans compared very well against the originals. Matt was also able to provide the files in the exact format that I wanted, a service that other larger labs often don't provide without huge costs. A great service that I would highly recommend.”
Aaron Dickson

BIPPNI Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017
BIPPNI Pictorial Photographer of the Year 2017

Mandy Hodges - 800+ 35mm Slide Scans

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“We received a fantastic service from Matt who went above and beyond to help us get the slides back in time for our family get together, and dealt with any communication quickly, professionally and sensitively. The images from the slides are excellent - far exceeding our expectations and have brought much joy and pleasure to our whole family. Matt successfully scanned a wide range of slide formats - plastic, card, and glass. Despite some of the images being over 50 years old, Matt got the best out of them, and made it easy for us to enjoy them. Inevitably, some slides had already begun to deteriorate with time but now they are digitised, those images will not get any worse, so are preserved for future generations.

In addition, Matt organised the slides in digital folders according to how I had packaged them, so this was not only a huge help when putting them back into their boxes, but also saved an enormous amount of time afterwards as no re-sorting was required.

I would wholeheartedly recommend using Karmaan for an amazing quality service with a wonderful personal touch.”Mandy Hodges

Martin Berry

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“About two years ago I finally made the switch to digital processing of my photographs but this has required my extensive back catalogue of negatives and slides to be scanned. Whilst I could have purchased a scanner myself this would have required both cost and time commitments which I do not have. I wanted to scan my negatives once to the best quality available to allow for my future needs of printing, competitions etc.

I searched the web for a professional scanning service that would provide a more personal service than the large labs but still at competitive prices. Since sending my first few sets of negatives to Matt I have not looked back. The scanning service provided is second to none with high resolution scans with corrected exposures, tonal and colour range. This has reduced the amount of post processing required to produce the final image. In addition, Matt has also been able to provide a bespoke service to scan a collection of valuable historical glass lantern slides for my camera club. I have recommend Karmaan scanning to other photographers and continue to do so, if in doubt, send him some negatives you won’t be disappointed.”Flickr:
Twitter: @martin_berry
Instagram: martin.berry71
Website: To follow later this year hopefully

Paul Holmes

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St Basil’s Red Square/Moscow in USSR 1981

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the Citadel in Aleppo/Syria which is now severely damaged

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a revolutionary monument in Odessa/Ukraine USSR 1981 when young kids provided an honour guard

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Palmyra/Syria which was severely damaged by ISIS

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Tirana/Albania during the Communist times

“Matt has done a terrific job, digitising over 20 years of holidays and family snaps captured on slides and negatives, some going back to the 1970’s. Though the emulsions on some of the photos were seriously faded, most images were successfully recovered and brought back to life. I now have over 10,000 images archived on hard disk, safe in the knowledge that time will not diminish the memories that they contain. Matt provided a great service!”Paul Holmes - Oxford

SLE Limited - 8000dpi 35mm Drum Scan

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“Thanks for the fantastic scan - wasn’t expecting it to be so quick and easy. It’s not easy finding someone who seems to care for their work these days, and I can’t fault the scan you did for us”Chris Worrell - Marketing Manager, SLE Limited

Stanley Robinson - 35mm Slide Scans

“Dear Matt,  Thank you for returning my slides etc., received yesterday afternoon. It is a delight to see my pictures again after half a century, looking as fresh in their new form as they did then.  Thank you for the terrific job you did on bringing them back to life.  Also your naming of the files is a very important aspect of how you work.  I shall pass on your details to my audience, including several photographers nearly as old as me and who must have boxes of special slides.
Yours with pleasure, Robby  (Stanley Robinson)”Stanley Robinson

Tom Waddicor - 35mm Negative Scanning

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“Super happy with the scans! Thank you so much! The quality is amazing even when converted to JPEG for viewing in the phone”Tom Waddicor

Mark Capilitan - Xpan Drum Scanning

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“Hi Matt,
Thanks for sending those through. Absolute quality scans, probably the best I’ve ever had done, and I’ve had a lot done before! Spotless too. If I need anything else done, I’ll be back onto you, or if anybody asks for a recommendation, I’ll send them your way.”

Cheers Mark.Mark Capilitan


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