What Have We Been Working On Lately?

One of the most asked questions I get asked is… how good is my scanning?

Lets put it another way. It’s not how good our scanning is but more of a question of how good your originals are.

No matter how good you think your original or photography is we can guarantee we have scanned more prestigous and more higher quality originals than you can ever imagine!

We do so much work behind the scenes for rare and important originals that rarely get seen by the general public

We have many repeat customers worldwide, our reputation for high end quality is world renowned!

Below will give you an idea of just some of the things we get up to

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C3 Marketing

Vintage Poster Scanning

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Below 100% crop of the original poster

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Karmaan was asked by C3 Marketing to Scan & Restore a fragile original A0 1960s Lambretta Marketing Poster, having been scanned previously on a large format roll scanner and unhappy with the quality, we took on the task and scanned in sections and pieced it all back together at full quality to be large format printed for a Lambretta exhibition backdrop.

PR Elletson Framers & Restorers

Artwork Scanning and Giclee Prints

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Karmaan was asked by PR Elletson, Framers and Restorers to the National Portrait Gallery and The Royal Estate, to scan 48 Original artworks by Luis Orizco and to print out 2 copies of each original onto similar stock as the originals for framing which was then to be installed into two new London Office Blocks for a London Property Developer.

Fred Wace - Illustrator

High Resolution CCD Scanning

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Karmaan undertook the scanning of a large original artwork approx 130cm x 90cm of a rhino, it was painted on wood in mixed media. Above is a 100% crop of the detail we achieved with our scanning.

Chris Moore Science Fiction Illustrator

Drum Scanning, Restoration, Fine Art Prints

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Karmaan undertook the scanning and restoration of old 5 x 4 transparencies for limited edition prints by renowned science fiction illustrator Chris Moore.

Coryndon - Antiques Door Panel Artwork Scanning

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Close up of detail of the larger 8ft high door

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Coryndon are specialist antique restorers, they had two large doors, one at 6 foot and the other 8 foot high that was hand painted on canvas and then stuck to the doors, one piece was missing the right side door and needed duplicating, the other larger door had the bottom section missing that needed photoshopping and restoration.

They required digital files of the doors at 100% same size so the missing sections could be photoshopped and new restored panels could be created, digitally printed and then put onto the restored woodwork/framework. Karmaan undertook the digital challenge using our unique Parallax Multi Scan & Stitch technique to capture sections and then re-piece the whole thing back together at the exact size.

Samantha Clark - Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall, Orkney Isles

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Karmaan took the original small scale artwork from Samantha Clark, who was the commissioned artist, scanned and enlarged the originals up to the 36 metres x 12 feet high required for large format printing to be installed in the Balfour Hospital. We also created the seamless artwork from the 9 separate panels and delivered one massive 5gb file ready for print. It’s jobs like these where we are specialists in this field.

Audrey Hepburn Original Medium Format Movie Shots

Drum Scanning & Restoration

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Karmaan was recently commissioned to drum scan and restore 7 original Audrey Hepburn Medium Format transparencies for an American Art Gallery

The David Inshaw Collection for TV Documentary

High Res Scanning

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Blind Mans Bluff Indoors - David Inshaw

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The Badminton Game - David Inshaw, Tate Gallery

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Our Paths Through Flowers - David Inshaw

Karmaan was recently commissioned by a TV Production company to scan over 100 original transparencies containing the life works of Famous British artist David Inshaw who’s work can be seen in the Tate Gallery. The original transparencies were personally picked up by Matt from David Inshaws studio and was Scanned at 120mb per image, large enough for the production team to zoom in to details for 4K Video Production.

The TV documentary is scheduled for release in 2020.

Reality So Subtle

Pin Hole Camera Negative Scanning from Lithunia

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Karmaan was commissioned by Lithuanian Photographer Vytautas Kaskelis to drum scan 4 x Reality So Subtle, Pinhole Camera large format negatives to 1.5gb files for large format printing back in Lithuania.

The long uneven negatives produced by the handmade Pinhole Camera proved to be difficult to scan properly without being drum scanned. The ICG Drum scans picked up every grain on the film to reveal detail never seen before, each scan took over 1 hour spinning on the drum at 750rpm to complete the digital negative and then hand inverted to make the final positive image.

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Karmaan was commissioned by Lulu Sophia to take her small scale watercolour artwork up to 1.5 meters, add logos and create high resolution print ready files for the Italian Company who was printing directly onto Silk garments for her Knightsbridge shop.

Karmaan was chosen specifically for our exceptional watercolour scanning skills as the previous batch of scans done by a different company had lost the subtleties of the watercolour originals.

Our scans captured every nuance of the original, combined with our knowledge of printing processes meant our images was transferred onto the Silk perfectly and looked better than the original paintings. These silk originals can be purchased from £295 from www.lulusophialondon.com

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